Greg & Glenda Bostock 

Executive Directors

Greg and Glenda Bostock have been shooting, editing and producing professional video production for over 25 years. Greg is also an award winning news photographer. Experience has given them a special eye for capturing God's amazing beauty. Together Greg and Glenda make a powerful team in bringing you this collection of Amazing Beauty. 



Idaho is one of the most beautiful places in America with the Majestic Snake River Canyon cutting through the southern part of the state with all its wonders. This new video highlights many of the must see sights in the magic valley such as, the Niagara of the west Shoshone Falls, the cascading springs that flow over the canyon walls of Hagerman called Thousand Springs. Northern Idaho is another feature on this video with its mountains and wildlife roaming in their habitat. This 60 minute nature video with it nature sounds and peaceful music backgrounds is a must have for your collection. Professional Videographers Greg and Glenda Bostock take great strides in making Amazing Beauty videos bring a warmth and peaceful environment to your home or place of business. 

Imagine yourself standing on a rocky cliff overlooking a beautiful ocean sunset, or even gazing at a breathtaking waterfall surrounded by mountains, wildlife and streams. Amazing Beauty Media can take you there through these professional DVDs. Each DVD is filled with over forty minutes of high quality looping, video footage from some of the most beautiful landscapes in America. Along with peaceful, relaxing music beds, these videos are a must-have for any organization. Guaranteed to bring a warm inviting presence and a peaceful atmosphere.

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