Business Pricing

For Business Use




USB Volumes 1 & 2 

USB/HDMI Media player & HDMI cable

Each USB comes with over 3 hours of continuous play of 

HD quality video, nature sounds and music. 


Also included:  Company logo and/or slogan.

Logo will be placed in the lower third of a scene every 

5 to 10 minutes throughout the duration of the video.




1 Attach HDMI cable to back of monitor, then attach other end to media player.  

2 Insert USB drive into USB port of media player. 

3 Select HDMI input on monitor that corresponds with media box.

4  Use supplied remote for Media Player and select film strip icon that appears on monitor screen. 

5 Choose first title and select enter on media player remote. 

Video files will now play continuous.


License Agreement With Amazing Beauty Media LLC


Each business/organization that displays products produced by Amazing Beauty Media agrees to the license agreement of $29.99 per month (less than $1 a day) for a 2-year term agreement. This agreement gives you the rights to display any of the ABM products in their waiting areas/lobbies. 



If the business/organization has more than one location, there must be a separate license agreement for each location. This license agreement is for 2 years from purchasing date. 

At the end of the 2-year agreement $29.99 will continue to be charged to the business/organization unless or until terminated by business/organization.  

Note: ABM products can not be used without a license.  Early termination fees apply. Any cancellation of licensed contract before the 2-year agreement is fulfilled will incur charges of the remaining balance to be paid in full.





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