Serenity DVD

“Serenity” will take you to places all around America. You will see the scenic beauty of the South in the lakes and rivers of Louisiana, enjoy the fall colors of Arkansas, marvel at the breathtaking Shoshone Falls called, “The Niagara of the West,” in Southern Idaho, and then travel to the Northeast to see the power of the world renowned Niagara Falls.  Also on this DVD we take you on a hike up Mount Hood, one of Oregon’s outstanding highlights where you’ll be refreshed by the serene lakes reflecting Mt. Hood. Then sit back and take in the Pacific Ocean with its crashing waves over magnificent rock formations that add to the beauty of the sunset beaches in Bandon, Oregon. Have you ever witnessed the unbelievable creation of Mt. Rushmore? Now you can! Then experience the fascinating Yosemite National park. It’s sure to be one of your favorites on this DVD showing off some of the majestic wonders of California. From the Golden Gate Bridge to roaming wildlife in the imperial Redwoods, “Serenity” displays the exquisite beauty from all across America to bring you into a place of tranquility. 
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