These DVDS can help:



* Lower stress and anxiety


* Reduce night time medications

for patients


* Improve wellbeing


* Depression, Dementia, Alzheimerʼs, Insomnia, Autism


* Increase good decision making, morale and attendance in the work place


* Create a virtual reality for shut ins


* Comfort and healing to those suffering from a loss


* Improve waiting room frustrations and actually make the experience enjoyable


* Set a tone of peace and serenity in your home or business


* A friend in the hospital or someone whoʼs lost a loved one 





Stress & Anxiety- An Issue That Cannot Be Ignored


Stress and anxiety can become paralyzing to many people in our world today.
Hospitals are full of patients with all kinds of disorders and diseases related to stress and anxiety. It is a proven fact that nature and music can restore the mind, body, spirit and soul, and when the two are joined together they make a powerful tool for healing. Amazing Beauty Media and their professional team have traveled the country for many years capturing some of the most picturesque places throughout America. These stunning nature videos and soft music beds are the perfect solution for any waiting area, hospital, doctorʼs office, funeral home, retirement center, church and ideal for personal home use too.


Many waiting areas use cable programming on their viewing monitors. However, these program channels can actually add to the stress and anxiety. With the skill of our experienced videographers and seasoned musicians, our nature videos actually calm the anxiety and lower the blood pressure allowing the mind and body to relax.


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