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Jingle terms/contract

Customized Jingle:                                   

Includes: Full 30 sec jingle with vocals and instrumentation 

You receive a complete jingle package, including sing-ins, sing-outs, donuts, and alternate mixes in a 30-sec fully prepped and mastered, ready for immediate use in your TV spots and radio commercials.

Price starting as low as $2499


Jingle Production:  Once Jingle is approved, Amazing Beauty Media will create, record, produce and deliver jingle within 15 business days of payment. Client will pay half down upon signed agreement. Payment in full is due upon completion.

 Musicical Style 

Rock   Country   Contemporary   Pop 


Vocal Preference:    Male      Female       Both


Tell us something about your business that you would want your customers to know.


Slogans/ ie. Friendly customer service *

Our quality stands out above the rest * Made in the USA

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