The pictures bring the Spirit.  They make me feel closer to God.  I drift off with the Lord when I open my eyes and see the pictures.  They’re great and I love them!

                        Joyce Boyett



They are soothing and calming and make me understand the awesomeness of God’s creation to see them.

                        Eric Loesch



I really enjoy them.  It’s places I’d never get to go and they bring them to us to see God’s creation.  They’re wonderful!

                        Maggie Duhamel



I love them!  It’s inspirational to see waterfalls and sunsets and helps me to think of the Lord while worshiping Him.

                        Juanita Welch



They’re so serene and a calming to my spirit to look at.

                        Norma Steinman



They’re very calming and get you in the presence and mood of worship.

                        Angie Jacobsen



They are a visual anointing!  They help me because as statistics show more learning and retention is done by seeing than through hearing alone.  They remind me of God’s creation.

                        Tommy King



They inspire me and I enjoy them!  I have a love for nature because it makes me feel closer to God.  Seeing the sunsets and waterfalls along with the music makes me settle in with the Lord.  The backgrounds help put me in the mood and take my mind off the stuff of the world and get my mind on the Lord.

                        Grant Cherry



The backgrounds are stunning – truly God’s beauty.  Let the heaven’s declare the beauty of the Lord.  They are pictures of God’s hand at work!

                        Sam Kendrick







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