When expanding our office’s waiting room space, we decided to add a TV to fill the waiting time for our patients.

We had no idea that when it was installed that there would be such a controversy among our patients with the choice of channels that were viewed. We started with news channels which quickly surfaced as a problem when patients became argumentative with each other concerning political views. We then moved to the Food Network. Who could possibly be offended by food? Those who have come in fasting for lab and haven’t eaten since midnight. They were quite cranky when food was what they had to look at when they were starving. We moved on to HGTV which we thought might be a workable alternative and that is where it has stayed for several months. That too has become something that we are not particularly happy about. Several years ago we had subscribed to a company that played educational health and medical information with a promise of no advertisements. Within a year of installation, they started putting drug & medication advertisements on the DVDs so that was discontinued also. In recent weeks, while observing our waiting room on several occasions, I noticed that no one in our waiting room was watching the TV. I knew then that something had to change. There must be a company that could offer some alternatives for us but after searching locally and on the internet, we could not find anything that we were happy with. Recently after seeing a segment on Channel 3 about Amazing Beauty Media, I knew that it could possibly be the answer to our search. After speaking with Greg Bostock and hearing his story, I was convinced. We are very excited to have these DVD’s playing in our waiting room to calm the anxiety in our patients and bring a peaceful atmosphere to our office environment.

Thank You! Amazing Beauty Media


Debbie Thomas

Clinic Manager

Shreveport Internal Medicine

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